Wellness Methods at VWC

At VWC we offer our trademarked methods to help you on your wellness journey. To get started, choose the method that is right for you, or schedule a consultation and we will build a custom method just for you! No membership required! You can boost all methods by adding on other tools, such as an IV Lounge session, Float Tank session, PEMF, etc.

Weekend Warrior

Work hard, play hard. Had an exhausting week at work and decided to let loose over the weekend? Vivify can help you by using a combination of IV Infusions, Nutrient Boost Injections, and Cryotherapy.

Beauty and Aesthetic Method

Looking to slow down and rewind time? This is the method you’ve been looking for! By using a combination of TruCryo Skin Treatments, LZR Red Light Therapy, and IV Infusions to help induce collagen production, brighten complexion, and rejuvenated your skin cells leaving you with more youthful, radiant skin.

Slimming Method

No more excuses, kickstart your health and wellness. Want to get back in shape and feel better? This method is exactly what you need to begin your journey. By using a combination of Cryotherapy, TruCryo Body Slimming treatments, and Liquid Lipo Injection, to help boost metabolism, burn calories, and kill fat cells to help you obtain your desired results.

Extreme Athlete Method

Perform and recover like the pros. This is the method for our true athletes, those that live and breathe “it”, whatever “it” may be. Want to perform at your absolute best and get yourself in the best shape? This method has been used be professional athletes around the world and now you have access to it by using Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, and Normatec Compression Therapy.

Silver Seniors Method

Turn back time. This unique method encourages cell rejuvenation and regeneration while detoxifying your liver and improving the way you look and feel.

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