TruCryo Treatment

The Kaasen TruCryo treatments are localized CryoStimulation sessions used to treat many different conditions and concerns such as; Body sculpting for fat and weight loss, cryo-Facial or aesthetic treatments, hair restoration, and pain management are the most commonly used purposes for the TruCryo treatments.

CryoStimulation causes blood vessels under the surface of the skin to first constrict before dilating to around 4 times its original diameter.  This process significantly increases volume of freshly oxygenated blood to enter the treatment area(s). Additionally, there is an increased supply of beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters which flow to the site resulting in numerous benefits

The treatment protocol differs depending on the treatment type and area chosen for the clients desired results. The Vivify Wellness Professional will clean the treatment area removing any lotions or creams and ensuring the area is dry. The CryoStimulation will begin on the treatment area to provide rapid cooling which is fairly comfortable for most clients.  Depending on the treatment you are receiving numerous sessions may be required for optimal results.


  • Apoptosis (destruction) of adipose tissue (fat tissue).
  • Increase local immune response (beneficial for skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.)
  • Increased production of collagen – beneficial for skin tightening, reducing lines and wrinkles, and texture/scar tissue.
  • Pain Relief – Instant pain relief from both acute and chronic conditions and can be used to enhance physical therapy.
  • Hair Restoration 
  • Cellulite Reduction


It sprays a cold therapeutic vapor onto the skin to cool the surface down to 39 degrees fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. This causes a thermal shock reaction to kick start a variety of beneficial processes within the body.

TruCryo devices are used for many different concerns such as body sculpting, cellulite reduction, acne, reducing the appearance of scars/stretchmarks, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, skin brightening/tightening, hair regrowth, and much more!

Almost, it is only used externally.

Yes- it uses commercially available Co2 and has many safety features.

Yes. The room has proper ventilation and a CO2 monitoring system.

Yes. In the area being treated you have to have contact with the skin.

Every person is different, and often results are felt in as little as one session, but multiple sessions are generally required.

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