Hi, we're Vivify Wellness Club, you can call us VWC!

We are a unique type of Wellness Club offering access to state-of-the-art tools of transformation. High-performing athletes and celebrities have been the only ones with access to these biohacking tools, but not anymore.

Vivify Wellness Club has created a space for everyone to enhance their health and wellness, no matter what that means for you. From pain relief, weight loss, relaxation, hair restoration and everything in between, we have you covered for the entirety of your wellness journey.  Start your transformation today!

How Are You Feeling Today?

Official Wellness Partner of Louisville City & Racing Louisville

Whether you are a professional athlete, recovering from surgery, or just seeking preventive  measures.  Vivify Wellness Club is a state of the art wellness club. With tools previously inaccessible to everyone. Come expereience the vivify difference.  

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